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  • DACNB | Board Certified Chiropractic Neurologist visit ACNB
  • DC | Doctor of Chiropractic received from Life Chiropractic College West
  • BS | Bachelor of Science in Biology from San Diego State University
  • QME | Qualified Medical Evaluator for the State  of  California


Chiropractic functional neurology is the application of current neuroscience rehab techniques that are brain-based therapies using physical and occupational medicine. Our analysis locates the primary dysfunctional area of the body whether it is the brain, spine, muscle, tendon or ligament. 

More specifically, dysfunction in a particular brain region will then manifest itself in symptoms in the associated body areas. For example, the under-functioning cerebellum region of the brain may produce sins and symptoms in the associated body areas. For example, an under-functioning cerebellum region of the brain may produce signs and symptoms related to neck pain due to the intimate control of tiny postural muscles in the neck. With brain-based rehabilitation the chiropractic neurologist will not only manually treat the area in question by itself with physical medicine, but will also “exercise” the deficient region of the brain to normalize function. Since the brain is plastic, with appropriate treatment it can attain optimum wellness. Treatments may entail specific types of eye movement exercises (known as “oculomotor rehabilitation”) balancing activities, oxygen supplementation, rotary activation (chair spins), eccentric fast stretching, cross cord mechanisms, therapeutic use of light, therapeutic use of sound, therapeutic use of smell, and physical activities using one side of the body.


The simple answer is that depends on your condition. We suggest you anticipate 2-6 visits for uncomplicated cases and 6-20 or more involved issues.

After 20 years of practice, it is very likely. There are many variations of conditions and complaints, but addressing the physical, nutritional and emotional component to pain and dysfunction is the most effect way to find natural relief.

Never! Most patients are released from active care in a matter of weeks or months. However, we do recommend a biannual check up to keep the progress we have achieved.

No. Plus, all manipulation and therapy is fully explained, including how and what it will feel like with expectations for the following hours and days. In fact, the treatment is safe and gentle enough for children and pregnant women. If you have concerns before scheduling we welcome you to call and speak with Dr. Thompson at any time free of charge.