Back pain, Pregnancy, and Chiropractic

You dont have to wait to deliver your baby to have relief!

It is not commonly know that chiropractic is one of the most effective, safe drug free way to relieve back pain. Many women experience  back, neck or even a pain in the butt cheek when pregnant.  A thorough history and examination will determine if treatment is appropriate.  Of course an x-ray is not an option, yet most of the time not necessary.  If heat or ice do not provide adequate relief give your local chiropractor a call.  The best choice is to ask a friend who has a recommendation or you can always read over the yelp reviews.  Taking care of yourself will be much more challenging after your bundle of joy arrives so it is also a good idea to have a professional assess your musculoskeletal balance surrounding the joints of the neck, hips and spine.  Bottom line- we want you to feel good so you get to enjoy the fun of parenthood. If you would like to discuss treatment options call (925-820-2167) email ( or text (925-819-0670).

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