Core Strengthening

On the heels of broken new year’s resolutions don’t give up just yet. Core strength is the best preventive measure to back pain and fitness.  Sometime exercise and core stabilization can be overwhelming when you don’t feel like your technique is right.   As a chiropractor I recommend this as  a good place to start.  Compliments to this you tuber for sharing. Watch instructional video here!

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Small Screen Neck Strain

Every new patient receives a gentle and obvious reminder that we are all vulnerable to stooped head posture from too much small screen devices time.   Here are tips to avoid a trip to the Chiropractor:

Heavy Heads are the new normal

Consider how your everyday posture can effect your neck This results in increased cervical spine stress! As we look at the screen, text messages or touch the screen for more information,

Stress can cause neck pain and headches

Shoulders are not earrings and should not be up to your ears.  This is the season of holiday stress.  Many people take on a stressed out posture without even knowing it.  If you have a stress-related symptom, you’re not alone