Stress can cause neck pain and headches

Shoulders are not earrings and should not be up to your ears.  This is the season of holiday stress.  Many people take on a stressed out posture without even knowing it.  If you have a stress-related symptom, you’re not alone! Nearly 85 percent of visits to doctors (and nearly as many to psychologists) are for stress-related problems. Reacting to stress with physical tension can lead to headaches, ulcers, insomnia, excessive fatigue, high blood pressure, sore shoulders, or any stress-related disorder.
As a chiropractor I see volumes of people with stress related neck and shoulder (sheck) tension accompanited by muscle pain and joint stiffness.  Unfortunately, the holiday season tends to heighten this anxious posture.  I offer some simple and possibly obvious but over looked advice.
1.  Stop and evaluate you posture. Then make minor corrections.  Allow the shoulders to drop and bring the head back in line with your ears and shoulders.
2.  Recognize the moments when you can put your phone down and hydrate.
3.  Put some heat on your lower neck and schoulders for 10 minutes at the end of the day.
4.  Gently stretch your neck each time you sit dlown to eat.  Slowly turn your head right and left, tilt it back and forward and then side to side.
5.  If time permits get a massage or see a chiropractor if the suggestions above are not successful.
Happy Holidays

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