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Treatment is about results! Our primary goal is to demonstrate a noticeable change in your condition within 2-4 weeks.  Dr. Thompson is a specialist that will tailor the treatment to your situation.  More often than not, her treatment plans are 50-75% LESS visits than other Chiropractors.

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  •   Christine is my favorite chiropractor!
    She is so knowledgeable and intuitive and has such a gift for healing..My body always responds so good to her treatment and care and I can't recommend her enough.

    thumb Phil B.
  •   Dr. Thompson was exactly what I was looking for. I strained my back from a combination of inactivity for a month (due to another issue) and overdoing it playing volleyball. I wasn't looking for a place that just looks to crack your back and have you back every week to do it again. Christine took the time to assess my problem and then spent time with heat, massage, and stretching to work on the strain. She gave me advice on how to treat at home and we left it open as to whether I'll need to come back again to continue to work on it based on how my body recovers on it's own. I highly recommend her, very no nonsense approach which hasn't always been my experience in the chiropractic field.

    thumb Bryan G.
  •   Dr. Thompson saw my husband for his severe back pain (he had trouble getting out of the bed and walking was a struggle). After one session he felt so much better.  He's an athletic guy whose golf game is a big deal to him... He was in so much pain and she had him back on the course in no time. She is professional, personable and so knowledgeable. She mentioned that her priority is helping her patients feel better quickly and for the long-term, without having to keep coming back all the time. She gave my husband some simple exercises and stretches to do at home to help as well. He hasn't needed to go back since. It's clear that she cares about her clients and loves her work.

    thumb Kristie C.
  •   Christine saw me on short notice, and after one session I felt much better - 2nd session 4 days later put me back in the running!
    She's my new BFF,

    Thanks Christine!

    thumb julie r.
  •   Christine is a fantastic chiropractor with loads of knowledge. She makes the adjustments very comfortably and takes time to warm up the muscles with heat and massage. She is an athlete and has tremendous knowledge if sports injuries, as well as healthy nutritional advice. If you need help with your back, shoulders, knees, neck, you name it, Dr. Thompson is the chiropractor to see!

    thumb Kathryn J.
  •   This review is long overdue - But Dr. Thompson is seriously a miracle worker. I was recommended to come here for my back spasm, and she treated me for two days. She promised to lessen the length of my pain and suffering from a week to at least two days, in which she did.

    Her patient rooms are comforting, and she really took the time on heating up the tight muscles of my lower back. It was the first time in seeing her, therefore she was really detailed in explaining what she was doing to me. It wasn't robotic, she was really talking me through the process so that I wasn't blindsided by anything.

    Not only is Dr. Thompson professional, she is also very easy going, and down to earth which put me right at ease when I went to see her. She also recommended ways for me to sit up, move about, or stand just in case this happens again so that it is not too painful. I definitely would recommend her to anyone who is looking for an EXCELLENT Chiropractor!

    thumb Cammi S.
  •   There is not much to add to the other terrific reviews of Dr Thompson; they are all accurate. She is incredibly personable, knowledgeable, and effective.  She is my "go-to" doctor!

    thumb Jennifer F.
  •   I've had lumbar, back, ankle, knee and many mobility issues for almost 2 years now and even though I've had been to many treatment options before, they didn't seem to be working any more. I had asked my primary care physician to recommend a chiropractor, knowing my medical/health history, and was referred to Dr. Christine Thompson. Though I've only been seeing Christine once a week for a little over a month, she has done more for my health improvement success in that short amount of time, then any other chiropractor and physical therapist I've been to treatment for in the past. Even with the most minimal visits and work done in her office, the treatment processes are so effective that after each visit, my lumbar & back have been more pain free and mobile then they have been in months. I have already been able to resume an active lifestyle of hiking which wasn't even possible several months ago. She is also very personable, intuned, extremely knowledgeable, honest, caring, and easy going which make the treatment visits even more rewarding. My only negative is that I wish I had known about her sooner! Would have saved me a lot of time, money, and pain. I can't say enough about her and her amazing treatment. She has a true gift for healing. Plus, a great and easy-to-get-to location is just an added bonus. I recommend her to anyone who really wants to get the best treatment with the most effective results! Period!

    thumb M B.
  •   I've been seeing Dr. Thompson for about 11 years now and she's fantastic.  I saw a lot of different chiropractors before her that I wasn't really attached to.  They would fix something but I would be sore afterward or they would make me even more stiff than before.  Dr. Thompson is always gentle and has never hurt me.  I always leave her office feeling better and I'm never sore after her treatments.  I highly recommend seeing her.  I don't want to use anyone else.

    thumb Autumn W.
  •   I've had a very rough time for finding chiropractors in the area. I moved up to the East bay after being in the Long Beach Area and Dr. Thompson had no problem with taking my case opposed to other chiropractors who were not open to it. I suffered a concussion along with back, shoulder and neck injuries in an accident and switching chiropractors to her was very easy. She knows her stuff, very easy to talk to, amazing treatment, easy to contact. I love how she can treat my neck, back, shoulders and concussion. Now I'm commuting every two weeks between university and here to finish my treatment. It's worth the multiple hour commute. Definitely reccomend!!

    thumb Jsal V.

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